Textures of the Apocalypse

October 2019. Decollage/Painting Artwork at Sprinkler Factory, Worcester MA, USA.

“Textures of the Apocalypse” is Manuel Schroeder’s visual artist statement to the fragile face of the city.

Influences of industry, traffic, vandalism and light change and destroy the omnipresent messages of the capitalistic advertising and marketing strategists who want to push a visual illusory world on people continuously. The varied processes of the decay in quick change let the glamorous colours dull, fragment the pictures and transform themselves in new phenomena with own aesthetics. Inspired by these urbane appearances and based on photography, i research and archive the processes of disintegration of typography and posters in cities and urban spaces.

The resulted photographic and mental archives form the basis for the next artistic process of collage and decollate, painting and reliefs on papers, canvases, wood and other materials in different formats. Another face of the city is created and proposes new questions.

The exhibition shows Manuel Schroeder’s artwork from his “Worcester Art Period” in 2012 in the studio of Elliot Salloway and is dedicated to this great Gentlemen.

Gallery 3

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 5, 5-8 pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm,
Closing Reception: Sunday, October 27, 1-4 pm

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Sprinkler Factory