The Dome – Codes of Collectivization

October 2017. A full room integrative conceptual art installation, based on photography, decollages, paintings, video artworks and sounds.

Opening: 04.10.2017 19 h
Alena Pratasevich (Curator) · Manuel Schroeder (Artist) · Anastasia Khodorenko (Interpreter)
Exhibition: 04.10.2017 – 27.10.2017
Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday 11–19 h, Wednesday 13-21 h
The National Center of Contemporary Arts, Nekrasova 3, Minsk/Belarus
„The Dome“ represents a central space for populistic and massmedial infected appearances of society through visual and auditive „mantras“ and messenges from commercial marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Showing different points of view, common and individual perspectives, the exhibition concept deals with artistic thoughts and questions about obvious and subconscious mechanisms, functions and influences of the most excessive world religion, called „Capitalism“.
The permanent input of (new) trends though advertising and mass media, the abstract vision of being „in“ (being on line or being a part of „it“) causes permanent forces in every single part of a human life. This drug-like constantly occupation of an individual person with mostly oneself produces masses of de-individualized members in the capitalistic construction of modern society with the one and only intention: consumers instead of creators.

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