Concrete Delusion – Keep Quite! It’s forever!

September 2019. Crossmedial Installationen at Down Town Gallery, Krefeld/Germany.

For several years, Manuel Schroeder has been dedicated to his art project “Concrete Delusion”
the question of how to deal with the material concrete in the form of industrial and architectural fragments and legacies in European and post-Soviet countries today. On the basis of artistic theses and the exploration of public space new concepts are developed, how these concrete elements can be transformed and included in the perception of “sculptures in public space”. Artistic interventions highlight the value and possibilities of transformation of the concrete fragments and create a new awareness of sustainable aesthetics.

The exhibition presents Manuel Schroeder’s audiovisual works from Belarus, Latvia and the Muensterland in the premises of a central large bunker of the city of Krefeld.
Performances by Action Directe “Das Linienmanifest” with Thomas Krutmann and Gerd Rieger:
Friday, 6. and Saturday, 7. September, each 4 –8 pm

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