Catalogue release – Ruhrlights Twilight Zone (mirage – moving memories)

September 2010. Like no other contemporary art form the light art has changed during the last years and today enters narrow alliances with the media art and the art in the public space.

Ruhrlights: Twilight zone shows this new development exemplarily on the basis of works of the internationally famous artists Peter Kogler, Yves Netzhammer, Mischa Kuball, to Sigrun Appelt, Tatzu Nishi, Manuel Schroeder and others. With a new look at the Ruhr scenery they have created at well-chosen places light installations and sound installations, interventions and sculpture ale works in the public space. They tracked down places with special atmospheres and made them resonating cavities of the new. The richly illustrated book shows the mainly pieces of art presented for the first time, accompanied by texts and essays of famous authors who treat topical questions of the art in the public space and put them in a higher art-historical context.

Ruhrlights Twilight Zone
International Festival of Light Arts, Capitol of Culture RUHR.2010/Germany
publisher Hatje Cantz, ISBN 978-3-7757-2754-92008

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