Book release – “Objekt Eigelstein – socialphotographic views on a Cologne district”

June 2008. In the context of the social space orientation a photographic social space investigation is also carried out often. For this the Cologne „Eigelstein quarter“ offers in his varied social-economic stratification and the rich photographic tradition exemplarily. The volume encloses beside very different student picture contributions also photographs or an accompanying text of the authors.

The Eigelstein is more multiethnic a known internal-urban Cologne quarter with very own identity and in last decades distinctive and multi-layered social coinage. On narrow space the stamping urbane contrasts meet here and inspire a photographic analysis which is unique as well as can be read as typical cities German for the part of town culture.

Besides, social photography is in the opinion of the authors a position carried out by means of photography which is based on empathy and encloses an active participating in the social environment more different. Among the rest, their aim is to be met a statement about contemporary social relations. That statement clearly retreats from the often reserved and deserted topical German photograph and reflects instead of this of her classical roots.

Concerning this main works of the German social photography were provided in the Eigelstein by Chargesheimer end of the 1950s and in the beginning of the 1970s and are also today a worthwhile authoritative point to the capture of change and continuity in the Eigelstein. The present tape encloses different student positions which reach from the quiet consideration up to tumultuous street scenes, from the strong colour up to diminished Black and white and from the intimate inhabitant’s portrait up to the interchangeable purpose architecture. These student contributions form the core of the tape and are complemented with photographs and conceptual implementation of Manuel Schroeder as well as an accompanying text to the state of social photograph and social space investigation of Werner Schoenig.

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