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the sun rises in the east

Go west. The omnipresent movement pattern of the collective mind and body of the so-called free world, programs on progress, change and high speed. Conditioned by marketing campaigns and mass media, completely in senses of the selfappointed world brain’s slogan: Know what you do tomorrow!

Latgale. An area with wonderful nature and as big historical meaning, the southeast part of Latvia in 2015. Contrasts couldn’t be bigger: The charming romanticism of the empty timber houses work in her flowery colours from the last century like exotics between the legacies of the socialist and postal-industrial architecture of the present past.

A society whose ostensible slowness indicates almost the symptoms of the shutdown. Stamped by the rhythm of the ceremony culture, well-chosen rituals of an always recurring past without mastering the past as a whole. The colours of the tsarist, communist, fascistic and socialist occupying powers seem faded out, the cement grey of the concrete, to the dominant material of the architecture socialist once, is omnipresent and seems now equally absorbed by people and nature. Recollections of these colours grow pale in the Museum of Occupation in the far away capital of Riga. What counts, is the present. The pleasant feeling of the everyday lights.

For several years Manuel Schroeder dedicates his artistic works to social and architectural contexts of Latvia and applies in this project the black-and-white photography as style means. The visual phenomena joining up, focused on the essentials, freely of value and questioningly.

One remains irreversible: “The sun rises in the east. (…) In the west she will set. (…)”. Old German Rhyme

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