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Deutsche Botschaft
(en: german embassy, german message)

“Germany. A country in which there will never be a revolution because one would have to enter in addition the lawn. “,  Josef Stalin has said once. His radical knowledge about this country seems to be confirmed, because the lawn is very important to the German before own Haustuere, as well as to present his real idols.

The German lobby governments and their megaphones, the mass media suggest a social-politically coloured mixture: Red-and-green, black-yellow, red-red, Brownish black, black green or also Green yellow. The German reality of the everyday life appears mostly in reduced colours: the looks, the gestures, the words, the houses, the towns. Now, however, the uncolored is an artistic inspiration and becomes in these photographic works the style means.

At last with the investigation of the culture of the everyday the question stays open: what, actually, is the German message?

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