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Stigmata  stereotypes in marketing, mass media and propaganda
(since 2012)

The stereotyped “examples” and representations of woman, man and family seem omnipresent in the contemporary digital media and in the messages of the advertising industry by posters, flyers and magazines. The everyday flood of information and pictures causes – especially regarding young people – into concentration and identification disturbances. Group compulsion prevents independent and individual thinking, foreign value substitutes for selfvalue and the important questions „What is IN“?, „Am I IN?“ remain unanswered, because the ad agencies already created the next “trend”.

In the project course the today’s marketing campaigns and strategies of information are investigated and are confronted with the manifestations of the propaganda in the national socialism. Through discussions, presentations and team work the participants learn to realize and analyze stereotypes in media and in their own daily life. Besides, the youthful participant learn the artistic contact with contemporary media tools like Smartphones, photo cameras and video cameras, and sound-recording devices.

Realized in different cities of the German Rhine-Ruhr area in cooperation with local museums, culture institutes, academies and schools, supported by Sparda-Bank West, af aktuelles forum NRW and North Rhine-Westphalia Culture & School program and international realized through European Union „Youth in Action“ program in cooperation with art society Raumordnung NPO, Germany and Erfolg Biedriba, Daugavpils/Latvia.

Further informations:
Daugavpils public review, 2013
EU-program “Youth in action” at Erfolg Biedriba, Daugavpils/Latvia, 2013
Erfolg Biedriba, Daugavpils/Latvia, 2013