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Order as social form – Landmarks and Leftovers
(since 2011)

The different appearances of city areas, made through urban planning, architectural and social textures, are raising three main questions: How does identity arise from anonymity? At what point does the universal become specific? The uniform become unique?

(Re-)arranging, creating and composing the urban space by citizens is based on individual and public habits, mostly directed by personal needs and emotions. The results are subtile and sustainable modifications of the city architecture and public spaces in their authentic and unique appearance.

Through visual researches on “landmarks and leftovers” in their subtile and obvious facets, the workshop is focussed on on exploring individual “public objects” in their own story of function and disfunction.

Order as social form is a current project part of Manuel Schroeders lectures in “social photography”, a field of visual researches he is realizing in universities, schools, art societies and museums since 2006.

Further informations:

Mark Rothko Art Center, 2015
Daugavpils Public Review, 2015